Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Act 3 Themes (Ashton Jones)$$$$:)

My Theme is love and marriage. In act three you realize that Rosencrantz and Guilenstern have no luck trying to figure out what is wrong with Hamlet. So Polonius and Claudius are hiding nearby when Ophelia trys to return Hamlets stuff back to him. In the ballroom Hamlet starts to explain to her in words that he does not want his belongings back. But Ophelia refuses to understand exactlty why Hamlet wont take back his. So in actions Hamlet describes to her that he can not marry her or love her no more. So he hears a noise in the distant and realizes that her father is nearby and he searches everyroom looking for him. While he does this he physically abuses her and her father watches everything that Hamlet does to her. While he is watching in disguist, Hamlet finds the room their in and they dart away before he can catch them.

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