Thursday, November 1, 2012

Who's Who, Hannah

Hamlet- Hamlet is the son of the late king of Denmark. He is the very upset with his mother for marrying his father's brother so soon after his father's death. He is also upset to see so much celebration during this sad time. However, Hamlet is a good son and tries to keep his feelings to himself so he can make his mother happy.
Horatio- Horatio is Hamlet's best friend and he is the one that suggest they should tell Hamlet about seeing his father's ghost. Horatio looks out for Hamlet and wants the best for him. He gives Hamlet advice and stands by his side through all of Hamlet's situations.
The King- The king at this point in the story is Hamlet's uncle. He has just married Hamlet's mother. The king seems to be a little overbearing and arrogant. He thinks Hamlet should put everything that is bothering him behind him and be strong and happy. He seems to have a straightforward personality and he seems to be a person that will do anything to get what he wants.
Ophelia- Ophelia is a young lady living in the castle. She is the sister of  Laertes. She seems to have a mind of her own but she listens to all the advice that her brother and father try to give her. Even though she will probably just do whatever she wants.
Laertes- Laertes is a young man that has lived in the castle and is now going off to France. He seems to be a quiet and shy guy that just wants to do his own thing. He seems protective over his younger sister and tells her to stay away from Hamlet so she does not get hurt.
Polonius- Polonius is the father of Ophelia and Laertes. He seems to want the best for his children therefore he gives them adive. He gives Laertes advice on how to be the best man he can be and he gives Ophelia advice on her relationship with Prince Hamlet.
The Queen- The queen is Hamlet's mother and she is married to Hamlet's uncle. She tries to sympathize with Hamlet but she really wants him to cheer up. The queen seems to be a lady that is easily manipulated. She only knows what her new husband has told her and even though her husband has died not long ago she believes she still needs to be happy and Hamlet should be happy too.

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  1. I agree with all of your character descriptions! I'm glad you included Laertes and Ophelia because I was kind of confused about them. Also, when you described the queen as being easily manipulated, it led me to think that she was very dependent on men. She quickly wanted to find another man who would be able to control Denmark and attain their repuation and power as leaders of Denmark.

    - Annie