Monday, November 12, 2012

Act 5 personal reaction -Rachel

Well I knew I needed to go on and do act 5 or I would've forgotten, but I'm glad I did because it was really good and crazy! It really through me off the the queen would drink from the poison cup meant for Hamlet. It's kinda sad that basically everyone that is a main character dies, but it makes the book better and interesting! This may sound bad, but I'm glad the king was to blame at the end and I'm glad that he died. Even though Hamlet dies, he got revenge on the former king for his father and that was his main goal. This story had so many backwards and twisted things happen in it where it was just crazy and unexpected. I also did not expect Ophelia to die. I really wanted for her and Hamlet to meet again later on in the book and get married or something, too bad she and he are both dead! But over all I thought Hamlet had a good plot to it, it wasn't too hard t understand and kept the readers attention because so many unexpected events happen.

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