Thursday, November 8, 2012

Questions, Annie

1. Why do you think the ghost was only seen by Hamlet and not his mother? He had shown himself to the guards, so what not to his wife?

2. What will happen to Hamlet after King Claudius sends him to England?

3. Do you think that Ophelia has the right to be upset with Hamlet for saying he didn't love her anymore, when she was the one who "broke up" with him and ended their relationship?

4. Which characters know that King Claudius killed King Hamlet?

5. Why did Hamlet choose not to end King Claudius' life when he had the chance?


  1. I think Hamlet is going to die if he gets sent tonEurope, Claudius has already killed his own brother, I bet he wouldn't care to kill his nephew.

  2. I think that the reason that the ghost only shows himself to Hamlet, and not his mother is because he trusts Hamlet. He knows that there is a possibility that Gertrude may have cheated on him while he was alive, and even if she didn't, her being married to his killer is an act of betrayal.