Thursday, November 15, 2012

Personal Reaction, Annie Cruz

     By the end of Hamlet I was very shocked. I didn't really have any knowledge of Shakespear before we read Hamlet, so I was not use to all the tragedy endings. I found the battle between Hamlet Laertes to be very suspensful. The tension that had built up through out the whole entire book was released during Act 5. I believe that Laertes was spiteful, angry, and depressed over his fathers death, but I feel like he wouldn't of actually seeked revenge on Hamlet if he was given enought time to mourn over his fathers death. King Claudius acted as a catalyst and filled him with anger and reasons to take revenge on Hamlet. The fact that after Laertes was stabbed he apologized to Hamlet and revealed the truth, shows that he did have remorse for the actions he had participated in with King Claudius.
     The part of Act 5 I was most eager to see was when Hamlet finally found revenge on the King. This was a very important part on the play and I was very happy to see that he finally fulfilled his fathers wishes. But, I was also disappointed that Hamlet had to die. This story was filled with many deaths, arguements, and misconceptions. Overall, I found it to be a very interesting book.

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