Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Personal Reaction, Annie Cruz

     At first after I read Act 2 I was very confused. This part of the book is filled with many key passages and important events that begin to unfold the play. One important event happening in Act 2 is what is thought to be, the discovery of Hamlet's madness. Polonius believes that the source of his depression is the fact that Ophelia refuses to continue on with their relationship. Polonius knows that Hamlet and Ophelia have become involved with each other and he decides to exterminate their relationship. 
     Another thing I thought was important was how Hamlet starts planning his revenge on King Claudious. Although he doesn't plan to verbally expose the truth in the situation, he composes a way to see the kings reaction during the play. At this point in the play I am very eager to see how Hamlets actions will pan out. I believe that he is handling himself very well and will soon achieve his revenge.   

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