Thursday, November 1, 2012

Language, Rachel Myers

1)  pg. 7, act 1, scene 1
Barnardo: "if you meet Horatio and Marcellus, the rivals of my watch, bid them make haste."
-this means The are "fellow sentries" but if they came send them on their way quickly.
-it makes the the tone of the story feel rushed.

2) pg. 27, act 1, scene 2
King: "you are the most immediate to the throne."
-this is directed towards Hamlet and means after him he is the next to be king.
-it shows how heartless this king is to Hamlet. hamlet should've been the one to be king, instead of him. He is trying to make Hamlet move on from his fathers death, even though he is still obviously grieving.

3) pg. 31, act 1, scene 2
Hamlet: "o God a beast that wants discourse of reason would've mourned longer!"
-This means that even a monster with no heart would have mourned over this longer then his Uncle did.
-It shows that Hamlet is mad, you can feel his pain and suffering because this is his father that is gone, plus his mother has a new husband, which is his uncle. You understand how mad Hamlet is toward his new "father" and mother.

4) pg. 51, act 1, scene 4
Hamlet: "O'erleavens"
-This means radically changes.
-It adds to the effect of how the old the languages used is. It is much different then how we talk today.

5) pg. 59, act 1, scene 5
Ghost: "hebona"
-Hebona is a type of poison.
-This explains how the real King died. The tone makes you feel like things are now speechless, because we have learned it was the King's own brother that killed him.

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