Sunday, November 11, 2012

clarity question -Rachel

1.) why does Hamlet hide Polonius' body when he knows it will be found anyway?

2.) do you think Hamlet has actually gone a little bit crazy now for real? Why or why not?

3.) why do you think Ophelia sings her sorrows in scene 5? Why doesn't she just talk normal? Why does she feel this in necessary?

4.) Do you think the king and Laertes' plan to kill Hamlet really work? If it does work, do you think they will get away with the crime? Why or why not?

5.) Do you think what the queen said about the way Ophelia died is true, or do you think she meant to kill herself?


  1. In a way I do believe that Hamlet has gone mad and crazy. After everything he has been through in such a short amount of time, he has experienced much chaos. I think due to all these horrific events, he he become distracted from reality and this has caused him to go mad.

  2. I think that Ophelia sings her sorrows in scene 5 because this is her way of understanding everything that has happened to her. This is her way of expressing her confused and traumatic emotions to herself and others. The irony of singing her emotions is that she is not only trying to keep herself sane, but it is also the beginnings of her becoming insane.