Thursday, November 1, 2012

Symbols/Allusions by Annie

In Act 1 scene 2, Hamlet refers to King Claudius when he states, "Tis an unweeded garden that grows a seed. things rank and gross in nature possess it merely." This allusion is very important because it clearly expresses Hamlet's anger and emotions towards his uncle and mother's marriage. Hamlet is beyond depressed and bewildered at how his mother is not still mourning his fathers death. He feels as if Claudius is a seed in a weed garden, this is because Hamlet has no desire for Claudius to take the place of his father, he beleives that King Claudius is very unwanted.

The second allusion that Shakespear makes is to the serpant(Act 1 scene 5)When Hamlet is speaking with the ghost, his fathers spirt, he informs Hamlet
the true cause of his death, his alludes to King Claudius as the surpent who stung him. This alludes to the devil, as the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He is the one who caused evil to the world, and by Hamlet's father referring to King Claudius as a serpant, he is expressing his opinion of the evil which drives the new king. Claudius is a very manipulitive person and will do whatever possible to recieve power.


  1. I really like the allusions that you used to describe King Claudius. The allusions that you use show the true and evil nature of him, which further adds to my own personal disgust towards him.