Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Act 2 Clarification Questions-Tori

1. Why does Polonius give Reynaldo advice on how to have a conversation with someone?

2. Where do Rosencrants and Guildenstern's true loyalties lie?

3. The Queen knows partly why Hamlet is acting strange, yet she doesn't stand up for him. Why?

4. King Claudius refuses to believe that the main thing wrong with Hamlet, is his father's death.  Why?  Is he trying to ruin Hamlet's reputation?  Does he trust Hamlet?

5. Why does Polonius make up the fake letter from Hamlet to Ophelia?

It was hard for me to understand exactly who trusted who in this act.  The allegiances and alliances made within the book so far have been unclear and deceiving, making it hard to understand the true motives of many of the characters.


  1. I think Polonius makes pm the fake letter just to try to make Hamlet look bad. I think that he thinks by doing this its going to make the king and queen think that Hamlet really has gone crazy and it will keep him away from Ophelia.

  2. I think that the queen doesn't stand up for Hamlet because shes dependent on Kind Claudius. She is almost like a shadow and follows his footsteps. I feel like shes scared to stand up to him because she feels like he has all the power.