Monday, November 12, 2012

Act 5 themes -Rachel

                  The themes of this act include Appearance vs. Reality, honor, duty and responsibility and twists of fate.
                   One of the main themes in this act is Appearance vs. Reality. There's are many examples to this. For starters, the part where the priest doesn't know how to take Ophelia's death because it looks like it could be either an accident, or a suicide, he doesn't really know and neither does anyone else.
                   Another example mod this is the dueling scene between Hamlet and Laertes. It looks like it is just a fun playful fight, but in reality, this fight is actually very dangerous. It leads into another theme of honor. Laertes is trying to restore the honor that he thinks has been lost due to what Hamlet has done and he feels like it is his duty, or responsibility to bring this honor back.
                 Twists of fate also play apart in this act as well. Basically all the main characters die, it had been there fate all along, no one just knew it yet.


  1. I think you did a good job connecting the themes to the scenes in the play. I like how you used the "twist of fate" theme in that it is completely and totally ironic that all the main characters die at the end of the play.

  2. Good job Rachel! I liked how all your themes were provided with examples and you connected each to parts of the play. My favorite theme you discussed was appearance VS. reality.
    Annie Cruz