Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Personal Reaction by Abbie Clark

I like Act 2 better than Act 1. In Act 1 everything was being laid out but in Act 2, the story starts to develop and take off.
I am really starting to hate the pompousness of Polonius for many different reasons.
1. He is a control freak seeking power over anyone that will let him rule
2. He is denying Hamlet of the one thing he craves for during this hard time; Ophelia's love
3. He is a know it all and I'm just going to go out on a long shot and say that he is going to cause even more problems in the future.
 Polonius seems to be the one stirring things up in this story. Not only does he not allow Ophelia to love Hamlet back, he declares that Hamlet is crazy to Claudius because he is love stricken... How stupid can you get? Yeah I'm sure rejection is weighing Hamlet down but he has many other more important things that are much more prominent driving factor for his behavior than love. Granted Polonius doesn't know the half of this, I still think he's an idiot. Okay Polonius aside, I'm intrigued to figure out if Hamlet's plan to find out if his Uncle is guilty will work.  And if it does, I'm wondering about all the possible outcomes.
 I am actually understanding Hamlet, and more so, I am actually enjoying it.

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