Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Act 5 Clarification Questions-Tori

1. What is the significance of the skulls being dug up in the graveyard?

2. How and why do the others react the way that they do when Hamlet proclaims his love for Ophelia?

3. Why does Hamlet name Fortinbras as the heir to the Danish throne?


  1. I think Hamlet named Forinbras king because it would have been a fresh start for the country and he had no other choice. The king, queen, and Hamlet were all dead so he had no one else to name king. Also, maybe because Fortinbras was already king of another country and Hamlet knew that he knew what he was doing.

  2. The skull and hamlet are the known figure when people think about Hamlet. It is important because it shows reality that death is real, and by simply digging up the grave you see that it's easy to die, but it's hard to live. It doesn't take much to kill someone and you don't really realize how important someone was until they are gone. With the decayed people in the graves, you see that it's easy to forget about people in the past.0, and Hamlet wants to be remembered as the good guy. -Rachel,