Monday, November 19, 2012

Personal Reaction abbie Clark

.. I knew it was going to end in tragedy but not to this extent. Everyone dies, everyone except Horatio so that he can tell Hamlet's story. I was not expecting Gertrude's death whatsoever, and I can't believe Claudius did not stop her from drinking from the cup. He didnt try hardly at all, just said something along the lines of "Gertrude, don't drink from that". She was trying to rebel against his control by this point because she finally saw Claudius for the man that he was, so in a way her stuborness played a part in killing her too.  Hamlet finally seeks his revenge against Claudius and I was glad but in a way sad because even though Hamlet had killed Polonius already, I didn't really think his character would allow him to kill Claudius. He would never go through with it before hand, but I suppose when Claudius took away the last thing he loved, Gertrude, he went off. The deaths got less shocking and shocking as they went along, I think I just kind of got used to the idea much like the gravedigger got used to death. It's funny how habit can make us get used to anything. Just as it is funny that one day, all of our accomplishements wont matter because we'll just be another meaningless skull in the ground. That I think is what Hamlet was saying; no matter who we are or what we do, we will die and become one with the Earth. I turned that thought in my head a couple of times because I had never thought about it before. This Act made me think about a lot of things in detail. The thought who has the right to kill another popped into my mind again several times. I think Shakespeare was exploring this idea through Hamlet's internal conflict of seeking revenge.

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