Thursday, November 1, 2012

Personal Reaction, Tori

My personal opinion of Hamlet's situation is that everything that has happened to him is ridiculous and sad.  It is wrong of his mother to marry his uncle after such a short period of time that has passed after his father's death.  It is also very shocking that Hamlet discovers that the supposed "ghost" is his father, and it is ironic that he finds out that his father was murdered by his uncle, the new king of Denmark.  It is also wrong of the kingdom to move on from King Hamlet's death as quickly as they did, because he was a great king and deserved more.  As of right now Hamlet is no longer depressed, but once he has had his revenge, I feel that his depression may resurface, as for him to have any emotion right now is better than him feeling nothing at all, and that is why his need for revenge is so strong.

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