Friday, November 9, 2012

Personal Response -Abbie

A lot of stuff goes down in Act 3, it's almost like it is the rising action of the story. Hamlet proved his Uncle's guilt to himself and confronted his mother with her wrongdoings in just a matter of a few scenes. Oh and I almost forgot, Polonius got what was coming to him;) When Hamlet called him a "rat" and stabbed him, I have to admit I was kind of glad, but this obviously has to complicate things. Ophelia is going to find out sooner than later that Hamlet killed her father. In a way, Hamlet kind of did the same thing to Ophelia as his Uncle did to him. The lines of right and wrong are so easily blurred, especially in this story that is filled with matters such as revenge and hate. It kind of goes back to the question we asked ourselves while reading " Never Let Me Go"; who said we have the right to take away someone's life for any reason. Whether it be to save someone else or to act upon a sworn revenge. To me, that is the question.

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