Monday, November 19, 2012

Act 5 Language (Ashton Jones)

1. Argal- Indicates a reasoning as to why they did what they did to themselves or something. This word is a pronounciation of the latin word ergo. This word ties in to the script because its an old english word that was used very often through out these old writings and plays made.

2.Quiddity- Is the essential nature of a thing. They used this word a lot to help describe why a person would
do such a thing and thats by their nature. The words tone is very catchy and is used in this play to help the
people of that era understand that the reason this person did that thing is because it was their human or
personal nature.      

3. Sirrah- is how they adress inferiors or children to express impatience.This was a word typically used to catch a persons attention in a very respectable way. They used this word in the old english because it would help them gain the attention of a person.

4. Gibes- to utter mocking or scoffing words.They used this word to ask why people were mocking them and why they were doing such a thing. This word was only common in the era of when they spoke old english.

5. Maim- To lose a limb or feeling due to a wound from something. This was a common word used in shakespeares time because a lot of people have had injuries to where they couldnt use one of their body parts. The word had a lot of meaning to soldiers in battle or people that have fought with swords a lot.

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